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Fees shown can occasionally change according to individual circumstances.

We were very impressed ... excellent, friendly and professional service throughout.
Mr H, Chippenham
  • Standard Single Will £165.00

    (Per Person)

  • Standard Mirror Will £220.00

    (Per Couple)

  • Our ‘standard’ Wills are not ‘standardised’ but fully bespoke. ‘Standard’ simply means a Will that does not include any special Trust provisions (for which additional fees are payable - see below).

  • Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trusts & Flexible Life Interest Trusts £595.00

    (Per Couple) If Inheritance Tax or Asset Protection are potential issues then trusts are likely to be an important consideration. We shall be pleased to discuss this important topic with you.

  • Property held as Joint Beneficial Tenants needs to change to Tenants In Common. If ownership is 50/50 we shall arrange it without charge. If ownership is to be in unequal shares or if a person is to be added further fees will be incurred.

  • Life Interest In Property Single Will £225.00
  • Life Interest In Property Mirror Wills £395.00
  • Secures one partner’s interest in the home for their beneficiaries. This provision safeguards against the survivor’s possible bankruptcy, remarriage etc. The provision must be considered by couples with children from previous relationships. We shall be pleased to explain this in detail.

  • Can be useful in a Single Will depending on circumstances.

  • Changing from ‘Joint’ ownership to Tenants In Common in equal shares will be arranged free of charge if needed. If this is to be in unequal shares additional work is required for which further fees are payable.

  • Other Special Provisions Quoted Individually POA
  • Lasting Power of Attorney £300.00

    (per individual LPA)

  • This is the most comprehensive and ‘client friendly’ service available. It is not just a document completion service. We take care of everything at every stage and ensure you receive all the advice you need. It is a service for which we have built an excellent reputation among clients and professional advisers who recommend their clients to us. We provide unlimited support via telephone and email to clients and their attorneys for a full six months after completion without further charge.

  • Separate LPAs for Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare are required in England and Wales. Call for further details.

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