This page is for professional introducers who would like their clients to benefit from our exceptional service. If you are not yet an introducer and you would like to discuss the advantages of working with us, please call our helpline today. Our introducers fees are generous and support is exceptional. Scroll down for information on our fees and for our downloadable instruction forms.

Excellent service and often superior to that offered by solicitor practices. Bob is charming and approachable. I have used Bob’s service for several years and am more likely to get an answer from him with any query than elsewhere.
Christopher Marsham, Senior Financial Practitioner
“Bob always brings to bear a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail in every case, no matter how simple or complex. High standards of service levels are complemented by a determination to ‘get it right’ for the client.
Malcolm Shiers, Financial Advisor
I have used Bob Cullen for around 8 years to provide advice for my clients in relation to Wills. Bob is a true professional who makes a real effort to understand my clients needs. He has tremendous empathy and patience and I have received excellent reports from clients who have commented on his thoroughness, professionalism and friendliness. In fact some of the feedback has been nothing short of outstanding.
Derek Timothy, Financial Consultant
Bob has provided Wills and Trusts to my clients for a number of years and has always provided a great service. I am particularly pleased to recommend him for Lasting Powers of Attorney. Bob’s excellent advice and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for clients is readily apparent and the continued guidance he offers to both clients and their attorneys for a six month period without any extra fee is, as far as I am aware, unique. I am always confident when introducing my clients to Bob as I know they will be looked after.
Mitul Patel, Consultant

A Flexible Life Interest Trust

Flexible Life Interest Trusts in a Will are designed to preserve wealth when it flows from one generation to another and they are becoming increasingly relevant. If you are not yet totally familiar with these here is a good place to start. Placed in Mum and Dad’s Will it can save a substantial sum of money even if they are not in the inheritance tax bracket themselves. And if they are then it is even more important.

I am providing this solution for more and more of my own client families and also for clients of my introducers. Your clients and their families may be losing money when they don’t need to and you certainly don’t want this solution to be provided by a competitor. It is not expensive, it is extremely flexible and it works. When combined with Lasting Powers of Attorney the family are provided with a powerful set of tools that are becoming increasingly necessary. It is not something that can be lightly overlooked.

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